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A few F.A.Q.

Q: Are you still making episodes? A: Absolutely. Q: When’s the next one coming out? A: Soonish. Q: But, this is just a static FAQ, so soonish is completely relative. A: That’s technically not a question but, sure, it’s completely … Continue reading

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Since people ask now and then, here’s how you can help:

– Spread the word. Tell a friend. Tell all of your friends. Tell your weird uncle. Tweet about the podcast. Use ___________ (insert other social media site) to ____________ (insert social media site-related verb) about it. Blog about it. Write … Continue reading

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Hiatus over. The Memory Palace is back in business.

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Hi there. The Memory Palace has been on a bit of a hiatus. It’ll be over soon. For real. nate

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An article

I wrote an article for the public radio site, It’s a way-inside, inside look at the podcast. How it works (and doesn’t). Why things take a long time. It gets pretty deep into the public radio weeds, at times, … Continue reading

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Some news.

Proud to report that the memory palace will be, albeit briefly, in the mix of Slate’s fine podcasts. Three episodes will roll out on three mondays here in March. Do check out their other podcasts. I am a particular fan … Continue reading

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dazed, confused

was pleased to stumble upon the fact that the guy who did this…that became this… …also wrote this… …and this.

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a housekeeping note

I’ve gotten a lot of emails asking why the podcast assembly line has slowed here at the Palace. First, it’s awfully heartening to know that people care enough to have noticed. Really. Anyway, the podcast is still up and running, … Continue reading

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cleaning out the drawers

My favorite moment in the (underrated) James Bond movie On Her Majesty’s Secret Service (the one with the so-much-worse-than-Sean-Connery-it’s-bananas-but-better-in-hindsight-than-Moonraker-era-Roger-Moore, George Lazenby) is the scene after Bond has lost his Double O status and has to clear out his desk.* As … Continue reading

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WWI Memorial, II.

I’ve been re-reading Tender is The Night and A: holds up, and B: there’s this passage from when Rosemary and Abe and Dick are walking around the WWI battlefields in France (in 1925; the book came out in 1934) that … Continue reading

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