Episode 84




Published on March 9, 2016

* I first came the story of Ross, North Dakota, while reading Muslims in America: A Short History, by Edward E. Curtis.
* The full WPA interview with Mary Juma (and another member of the Ross community) can be found in Curtis’ The Columbia Sourcebook of Muslims in the United States.
* A contemporary account of the Ross community can be found here.

*The first bit is a loop from the opening of a song called I. Permafrost by a long-defunct band called Jerseyturnpike made up of a husband/wife duo from San Francisco. Years ago, I went to their wedding in New Jersey. There was a bounce house. It was beautiful.
* The piece finishes up with the on-the-nose, This is Home, from Joel P. West’s soundtrack to the terrific film, Short Term 12.

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