Episode 166

The Silent Room


The Silent Room

Published on July 3, 2020


Peri Banu vid Sjon (VERSION) by Dungen
In a Landscape by John Cage
Quartet for Four Percussionists IV: Fast by John Cage
Dream by John Cage
Completely Gone by Ludwig Gorannson
The Introduction and Chi C’e Per Farmi i Rici from The Girl of the Golden West
L’approche Du Nuage by Sylvain Chaveu


The story of John Cage in the anechoic chamber was first told to me maybe twenty years ago by my friend Dave Panosky one night while walking around Providence. It was precisely the type of story that I wanted to one day make a show to tell. You can find it in a lot of places including in Cage’s own writing.

I first came across the second silent room in Alex Ross’ wonderful, The Rest is Noise.

I also tapped into Puccini and the Girl: History and Reception of Girl of the Golden West by Annie Randall and Rosalind Gray Davis.

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