Episode 203

The News from Thar


The News from Thar

Published on December 16, 2022

The Memory Palace is a proud member of Radiotopia from PRX.


  • Mongali as played by the mighty Tabu Ley Rochereu
  • 2nd Season by Takahiro Kido
  • Ferde Grofe’s Grand Canyon Suite: 5 Cloudburst as performed by the Detroit Symphony
  • Nero’s Nocturne by Chilly Gonzalez. Man, that guy is great. You should buy his music.
  • Opening Titles from Jeff Grace’s score to In the Valley of Violence
  • Morris Visits Dr. Pratt from John Barry’s score to The Wrong Box
  • Gift from Masakatsu Takagi’s score to The Boy and the Beast
  • Nurse Janet from Ludwig Goransson’s score to Everything, Everythin


The Memory Palace is a proud member of Radiotopia, a collective of independently owned and operated podcasts.