Episode 210

Smoky and Bill


Smoky and Bill

Published on December 1, 2023

The Memory Palace is a proud member of Radiotopia from PRX.


  • I Believe in the Night by Keith Kenniff
  • Improvisations sur les folies d’Espagne (extraits) from Marin Marais and Jordi Savall
  • Finally by Lambert
  • Voltige by Marin Lizotte
  • Violin Solo no. 1 by Peter Broderick
  • Fratres fur violin und klavier by Avro Part as played by Ursula Schloch and Marcel Worms
  • Dungen by Henrik Lindstom


  • There are plenty of places to go to read about Smoky and Bill but why would want to go anywhere else than his book, Yorkie Doodle Dandy?

The Memory Palace is a proud member of Radiotopia, a collective of independently owned and operated podcasts.