Episode 48

Picture a Box


Picture a Box

Published on November 20, 2012


We Write Threnodies, We Write with Explosions” by Storm and Stress (which is a great, great song).

Then a couple of different John Fahey pieces: “Improv in E Minor” and “Unknown Tango

Then “JD002“, a pice of Ryuichi Sakamoto’s soundtrack to the Derrida doc. (There’s also a tiny tone from swiped from somewhere else on that soundtrack that get’s used over and over again throughout this episode, but I lost track of from where it was swiped).
A piece called “Time Hole” on the score to The Master that moves into a piece from the Lincoln score.

Then there’s a thing from “Sakamoto’s Babel score.”

Song at the end is “Prizewinning” by Julianna Barwick. That record is rad.

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