Episode 83




Published on February 24, 2016

Nearly all the research for this one comes straight out of the highly-readable,
Cap’n George Fred, G.F. Tilton’s 1925 autobiography. I got my copy at a used bookstore for $11. It’s easy to find on eBay and Amazon and whatnot. Totally money well spent.

* First up is Lacrymae by Melodium.
* Then we mix in Every Mournful Breath by Slow Meadow
* Meeting the Neighbors from Marcelo Zarvos’ score to the delightful, Please Give, makes a return appearance.
* There’s Steve Reich’s “Music for Pieces of Wood,” as performed by Smoke and Mirrors Percussion Ensemble.
* Yes, that’s Immigrant Song, from Zeppelin III.
* There’s a bit of Frost Trees from Lalo Schifrin’s extraordinary score to The Fox, from 1967.
* End credits, as always, is Wien, by La Bradford. Buy their music, please.

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