Episode 92

Oil, Water


Oil, Water

Published on July 14, 2016

*Great stuff in the Cleveland Plain Dealer from waaaaaay back to fire #1, if you want to dive in.
* Found Jonathan Joseph Wlasiuk’s dissertation, Refining Nature (etc.) quite helpful in sorting out the early days of the Rockefeller refineries.
* If you want to know more about the complicated relationship of Cleveland and the ’69 fire and the passage of the Clean Water Act, seek out Jonathan H. Adler’s article (and R.E.M. nod), Fables of the Cuyahoga: Reconstructing a History of Environmental Protection.
* I also want to shout out The Killer in the Attic, and More True Tales of Crime and Disaster from Cleveland’s Past, by John Stark Bellamy II, which does a great job with the river fires.

* Start off with Lacrymae, from Melodium.
* Go to a chopped up Fables, by Girls in Airports.
* Finish off with the eternal Sunflower River Blues by John Fahey.

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