Episode 93

Local Channels


Local Channels

Published on July 30, 2016

* Much of what I read about Florence was pulled from old newspaper articles.
* The biography in Notable American Women: Volume 5 does a nice, thorough job with Florence story.
* I first stumbled on Florence Chadwick in a photo in a restaurant in Santa Barbara and was struck by, as the photo suggested, she went on a world tour, swimming local channels.

* First up is Solitude, from (delightfully named) Janis Crunch.
* Then we’ve got Like a Bell to a Southerly Wind, by Chequerboard.
* Modular Body #7 by Machinefabriek.
* After Catalunya by Ephemetry and Richard J. Birkin.
* Finishing up on The Old Favourite by The Gloaming.

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