Episode 140

Jackie Mitchell


Jackie Mitchell

Published on April 9, 2019


  • We start off with Chez Thomas, by Charles Delarue
  • Go to The Graceful Ghost, one of William Bolcom’s 3 Ghost Rags.
  • Then Krzysztof Komeda’s Ballet Edude II
  • A touch of Ellington playing A Single Petal on a Rose.
  • Then Concerto no. 5 en la minuer: Allegro ma non molto, as performed by Wilhelm Friedeman Bach and Brigitte Haudbebourg frames…
  • Philharmonics – Piano Sessions found on the Deluxe Edition of Agnes Obel’s Philharmonics album.
  • Then we go to Nathaniel Johnson’s gorgeous, Penelope’s Theme from the score to the delightful film, The Brothers Bloom.
  • Sneeuwland by Oskar Schuster.
  • Judith by Jacob David.


  • I read a bunch of articles on Jackie, but if you’re looking for one-stop-shopping that can send you off in other research avenues, I’d probably suggest this article by Zack Harold in Lapham’s Quarterly.

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