Episode 45

Heard, Once


Heard, Once

Published on July 25, 2012

Since folks’ve asked, here’s the music used in episode 45, Heard, Once:

The song I talk about is “A Girl’s Tool-Box,” by a band called Tattle-Tale. It was Jen Wood (who’s got a bunch of solo records) and Madigan Shive in a cello punk band thing called Bonfire Madigan that I saw a few times back in the day. There’s a version of the song on their Kill Rock Stars full-length but it’s faster and kind of indie-popped out in a way that is perfectly acceptable but kind of bummed me out when I heard it, having thought I’d found the song I’d been looking for. You can google around and found the cassette version on your own, if that’s the way you want to play it.

Score wise:

It’s “Bible Silver Corner” from Rodan’s album, Rusty, which was about all I listened to for months on end in 1994.

Some version of Debussy’s Sarabande II (or II. Sarabande, I don’t know how those things go) comes next and circles back for a sec at the end.

A piece called “Arm Drawing” from the 500 Days of Summer score (chopped up and looped and whatnot) does a lot of the heavy lifting.

The opening theme of Please Give, the (very good) Nicole Holofcener movie has become the memory palace’s unofficial theme for anytime PT Barnum shows up in a story.

OH: the thing under the intro is “Old New Bicycle” by Helvetia. It’s often the music under show intros.

There’s also a snippet of Beatles in there that I don’t know if anyone else will actually be able to hear.

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