Episode 30

Nee Weinberg


Nee Weinberg

Published on May 11, 2010

First section is chopped up from the title sequence to Tokyo Story (the Ozu film). Followed by “The Bunker” by Beirut and a polka from an odd little record by Federal Music Society. Then, back to the title sequence well: Shoot the Piano Player. We hear “April” by Akira Kosumura a couple of times. “Blues for Elvin” by John Coltrane. “Grassland” by Arkira Kosumura (which gets mixed in with a little snippet from the Eternal Sunshine Soundtrack). It ends on something else from the Eternal Sunshine soundtrack as well.

There’s a lot written about Weyman. The most fun things to read are the original newspaper accounts (there’s a fun one from the Milwaukee Sentinal on google books; you can find his obituary on NYtimes.com). But the most comprehensive thing I read was from a New Yorker profile from 1968 (which, incidentally, spends pages on literally psychoanalyzing Weyman).

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