High Above Lake Michigan

Published on June 16, 2009

There are two Erik Satie pieces in here: Avant-dernières Pensées 1 & 2. Then you’ve got a little “Rainbow,” by Battles. And then at the end, “En Gallop,” by Joanna Newsom (which I felt lame about looping so heavily because I know it so well and know that it’ll be distracting to those who do. But then I convinced myself that a loop works a little bit like a Ferris Wheel and felt marginally better).

I’m a full-on Columbian Exhibition of 1893 nerd. Have a ticket to it framed on our dining room wall. For all of your Chicago World’s Fair fact-needs, The Devil in the White City is the place to go. For your heartbreak and beauty needs, go to Jimmy Corrigan: the Smartest Kid on Earth, by Chris Ware.

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