Episode 38

A Stretch


A Stretch

Published on July 5, 2011

Music: We’ve got three pieces (Chickens, Swamp, and Squirrels) from Orion Riegel Dommisse’s album, also, delightfully, called chickens. Windy bit is “Africastle” by Battles. Plucky, shuffly, stringy bit is from Alexandre Desplat’s score to The Fantastic Mr. Fox.

Notes: This episode was originally commissioned for the fine, fine design and architecture podcast, 99% Invisible. Hear a shorter version (and discover more about said fine, fine podcast, here). Also note: 99% Invisible is produced by my friend, Roman Mars. Until he was modestly internet-famous, Roman’s image was nearly impossible to Google-image as you’d just get a bunch of Roman statuary.

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