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Episode 95:

Published On Sep 16, 2016


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Published On Aug 14, 2015 | Posted In Uncategorized »


Tell a Friend, Won’t You?

After years of doing The Memory Palace as odd little passion/art project (which came after at least a couple of years of trying and failing to make it pay), I’m now making a go of doing these idiosyncratic, tiny history stories as my job. And it’s a weird job. And I’m delighted to find myself in the position to do it.

Here’s the thing: I’m in that position because of listeners like you. People who heard the Memory Palace and told people to listen.

So, if you’ve enjoyed the show over the years, if you’ve been here from the beginning, if you just heard it for the first time last week–do me a favor. Do the show a favor. Tell someone about the podcast. Send your best friend a link to the best episode. Tweet about it. Share it on Facebook. Take out a full-page ad in a Major Metropolitan newspaper. Skywriting is also a good move for summer.

But, if the Memory Palace has moved your or entertained you or ever made a day better, let someone know.

Thanks for listening.

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