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Zulu Charlie Romeo

Episode 71:
Zulu Charlie Romeo

Published On Jul 27,2015


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Memory Palace Summer Starts June 21st

Like regular summer.
But, this time, your regular summer will be soundtrack by a new episode of the podcast each monday through Labor Day.

Published On Jun 10,2015 | Posted In News »


A Whole Summer of The Memory Palace

For the fist time ever, the Memory Palace is going to release a whole season. Starting on June 21st and running through Labor Day, you’ll be getting a new episode of the podcast every week for the whole summer. Lot’s more announcements to come, but, in the meantime, I’m going to be releasing some different types of episodes to tide you over. Some remix episodes, at least one, big blowout, interview episode. So, mark June 21st on your calendar, stock up on sunblock, and get ready for a whole summer of The Memory Palace.

If you want to toss a dime in the tip jar to help out until then, I’ll send you a postcard.

Published On Apr 08,2015 | Posted In News »