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I’m the Artist in Residence at The Metropolitan Museum of Art

Hi there. So, turns out I am the Artist in Residence at The Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York, New York for 2016/2017. I’m extremely excited about that. Here’re some A’s to some FAQ’s… Q: What’ll you be doing, … Continue reading

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The Research Assistant Job Has Been Filled

Thanks so much to everyone who applied for the Research Assistant position. I was overwhelmed by the variety and volume of applicants. Nate

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The Memory Palace is back on January 27th.

New shows starting on January 27th. And a new release schedule: a new episode every other Wednesday!

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Wanna take a quick survey?

Sure you do. It’ll just take a couple of minutes and will really help out the podcast.

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Tell a Friend, Won’t You?

After years of doing The Memory Palace as odd little passion/art project (which came after at least a couple of years of trying and failing to make it pay), I’m now making a go of doing these idiosyncratic, tiny history … Continue reading

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The Memory Palace has joined Radiotopia

I started the Memory Palace in late 2008. Years ago. I spent the first few years trying to find a way to make it fit into public radio. I’d worked for Marketplace. I’d worked for NPR. I’d worked at local … Continue reading

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Memory Palace Summer Starts June 21st

Like regular summer. But, this time, your regular summer will be soundtrack by a new episode of the podcast each monday through Labor Day.

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A Whole Summer of The Memory Palace

For the fist time ever, the Memory Palace is going to release a whole season. Starting on June 21st and running through Labor Day, you’ll be getting a new episode of the podcast every week for the whole summer. Lot’s … Continue reading

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The Memory Palace is Now Independent

The Memory Palace has left the Maximum Fun network. It’s not much of a story. The Memory Palace was always a bit of an outlier within the network, in terms of tone, which made it hard to find the sorts … Continue reading

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The New Memory Palace Episode is a short film!

About a year or whatever ago, I got approach by some extremely nice folks at Fox Digital Studios to pitch a web-series that would use their archive of old Movietone newsreels. I made them a pilot using a single episode … Continue reading

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Episode 143:
The Only One

Published On Jun 08, 2019

the only one