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Hiring a Research Assitant

The Memory Palace is hiring it’s first Research Assistant. The position is based in the greater Los Angeles area. Though the work would be done remotely, you would be required on occasion to meet up with me face-to-face. It’s part-time. … Continue reading

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The Memory Palace is back on January 27th.

New shows starting on January 27th. And a new release schedule: a new episode every other Wednesday!

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Wanna take a quick survey?

Sure you do. It’ll just take a couple of minutes and will really help out the podcast.

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Tell a Friend, Won’t You?

After years of doing The Memory Palace as odd little passion/art project (which came after at least a couple of years of trying and failing to make it pay), I’m now making a go of doing these idiosyncratic, tiny history … Continue reading

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The Memory Palace has joined Radiotopia

I started the Memory Palace in late 2008. Years ago. I spent the first few years trying to find a way to make it fit into public radio. I’d worked for Marketplace. I’d worked for NPR. I’d worked at local … Continue reading

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Memory Palace Summer Starts June 21st

Like regular summer. But, this time, your regular summer will be soundtrack by a new episode of the podcast each monday through Labor Day.

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A Whole Summer of The Memory Palace

For the fist time ever, the Memory Palace is going to release a whole season. Starting on June 21st and running through Labor Day, you’ll be getting a new episode of the podcast every week for the whole summer. Lot’s … Continue reading

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The Memory Palace is Now Independent

The Memory Palace has left the Maximum Fun network. It’s not much of a story. The Memory Palace was always a bit of an outlier within the network, in terms of tone, which made it hard to find the sorts … Continue reading

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The New Memory Palace Episode is a short film!

About a year or whatever ago, I got approach by some extremely nice folks at Fox Digital Studios to pitch a web-series that would use their archive of old Movietone newsreels. I made them a pilot using a single episode … Continue reading

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A few F.A.Q.

Q: Are you still making episodes? A: Absolutely. Q: When’s the next one coming out? A: Soonish. Q: But, this is just a static FAQ, so soonish is completely relative. A: That’s technically not a question but, sure, it’s completely … Continue reading

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Episode 82:
The Wheel

Published On Feb 10,2016

the wheel


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