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Episode M6:
If You Have to be a Floor (The Met Residency Episode 6)

Jun 09, 2017

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Music, Footnotes & Ephemera

Show Notes

Nate DiMeo is the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s Artist in Residence for 2016/2017. He is producing ten pieces inspired by the collection and by the museum itself. This is the sixth episode of that residency.

This residency is made possible by the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s Chester Dale Fund.

This episode is written and produced and stuff by Nate DiMeo with engineering assistance from Elizabeth Aubert. Its Executive Producer is Limor Tomer, General Manager Live Arts, The Metropolitan Museum of Art.

Special thanks to Jimmy LaValle and Mark Kozelek.

The Art Discussed



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5 Comments on If You Have to be a Floor (The Met Residency Episode 6)

  1. Diane Driver says:

    OMG, Mr. Nate DiMeo…….your “stuff” is just too much; I’ve never heard so much beauty. Thank you for sharing what’s in your head………..I was, by the way, at the Seattle Radiotopia. Had just head your Florence Chadwick spoken word about 2 weeks before. The graphics you had to go with it were BRILLIANT! (both smart AND shining!). Anyway thanks for all of it………………

  2. Eric Englebetson says:

    I (without even warning myself) sort of scream/laugh/barked when I heard the last words of this episode. This was beautiful and wonderful, and – it won’t happen soon – but so help me *God*, I will get out to Gallery 719.

  3. Thanks for taking me somewhere wonderful today with this episode. It made think of the past, the present and the future with a little more twinkle and magic.

  4. Kelli D. says:

    This was one of my favorite episodes yet (and I’ve listened for a good while. The sensory imagery was so vivid, and what a charming, heartwarming way to end the episode. Just perfect. Now I want to visit a room I would have otherwise had absolutely no interest in.

  5. Jess Brooks says:

    Brilliant! A museum guard pointed me to this gallery this morning, and had a little smile on her face as she did it. My guess is you’ve made her days brighter with these last lines, as you did mine. Thank you!