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Episode 110:
Lost Camels

May 26, 2017

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  • There’s a bunch out there about the Camel Corps. You’ll have fun Googling around. But some of the best details in here, including the remarkable thing about the Red Ghost, comes from this article from a 1961 issue of American Heritage. 

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4 Comments on Lost Camels

  1. “because they were racist”
    You did not need to say that. All you had to say was that they did not know any arabs. That gratuitous use of an offensive slur spoiled my enjoyment of an otherwise fine show.

  2. Kenneth McKlinski says:

    Another engaging episode that conveys the poignancy of events previously passed over by history.

    I recall seeing a Disney film as a kid, One Little Indian, that had camels in the southwest as a plot element ( so thanks for providing a historical narrative of exotic animals, early immigration, and a reminder that truth is often behind what at first appears to be folklore.

  3. “Racist” is an offensive slur! lmao 😂 No it’s not!! I loved that part. Loved this whole episode. Made me feel weepy. Just found The Memory Palace. Came here to get a link to share with others.

  4. chamblee54 says:

    Chad Ostrowski Have you ever been called racist? It is a slur.