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Episode 108, M5:
Temple (The Met Residency Episode 5)

Apr 17, 2017

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Music, Footnotes & Ephemera

Show Notes

Nate DiMeo is the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s Artist in Residence for 2016/2017. He is producing ten pieces inspired by the collection and by the museum itself. This is the fifth episode of that residency.

This residency is made possible by the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s Chester Dale Fund.

This episode is written and produced and stuff by Nate DiMeo with engineering assistance from Elyssa Dudley and research Assistance from Andrea Milne. Its Executive Producer is Limor Tomer, General Manager Live Arts, The Metropolitan Museum of Art.

The Art Discussed
* The Temple of Dendur.

* As Much as Possible by Bing & Ruth.
* Parcel by Melanie Velarde.
Field Hymn by Syrinx.
* Wawa by the Ocean by Mary Lattimore.
* Turning 16 and Trading Flags by Ben Sollee.

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9 Comments on Temple (The Met Residency Episode 5)

  1. Jefe says:

    “…lest he be drowned, and deified.”

    Beautiful. Can’t wait to visit the MET someday to listen to these again.

  2. Cindy Miller says:

    Listened to this one four times. The music, your voice, the wonderful story telling….I love this podcast.

  3. Blake says:

    President Kennedy was assassinated on the 22nd of November 1965, not the 23rd of November, as you state in the episode on the Temple of Dendur.

  4. Dave Leach says:

    I almost skipped over this episode, because it’s another one of the Met stories and I’ll get there in person one day, right? I’ll get to listen to the story while I’m actually looking at the thing Nate is describing and it’ll be a much better experience.

    I’m *so* glad I didn’t skip over this episode. This is the best story Nate has told all year. It’s perfect Memory Palace: a beautiful story, made more beautiful by the music and soothing voice and callbacks to things earlier in the story.

    Don’t skip over this episode.

  5. Jason says:

    Had the privilege of listening while at the exhibit. Beautiful episode. Thank you.

  6. Nermine Khattab says:

    Beautiful episode!

  7. Mike Friedman says:

    You are so talented. I found this episode particularly moving in your descriptions of Jackie Kennedy.

    And “…lest he be drowned and deified” made me laugh so hard on my way to work.

    Thanks Nate. You’re really amazing.

  8. Eleni says:

    What a great episode; so moving! Thanks, Nate!

  9. admin says:

    Yep. I misspoke in an earlier version of the episode. Fixed now.