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Episode 105:

Feb 27, 2017

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Music, Footnotes & Ephemera

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  • This piece has two selections from Saunder Jurriens and Danny Bensi’s score to Christine, Yes But and Back to Work.


  • This very good article in the Museum of Hoaxes gives a nice overview and links out to the original article.
  • Hampton Sides In the Kingdom of Ice has a nice telling of the story with a lot of background on the editor of the Herald.

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8 Comments on Amok

  1. Russell S says:

    Fantastic, Nate! Compelling narrative that explores “fake news” and the importance of paying close attention to the whole story… so fitting in this new era. Thank you!

  2. Matthew Kear says:

    Brilliant, you sly dog!

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  4. Linda says:

    Great episode.

  5. TriciaG28 says:

    Oh! Wonderfully done!!

  6. bashe says:

    Outdone yourself. They’re all great; some of them are transcendent. Like this one.

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