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Episode 99, M3:
Full Circle (The Met Residency Episode 3)

Nov 21, 2016

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Music, Footnotes & Ephemera

Nate DiMeo is the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s Artist in Residence for 2016/2017. He is producing ten pieces inspired by the collection and by the museum itself. This is the second episode of that residency.

This residency is made possible by the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s Chester Dale Fund.

This episode is written and produced and stuff by Nate DiMeo with engineering assistance from Kathy Tu and research Assistance from Andrea Milne. Its Executive Producer is Limor Tomer, General Manager Live Arts, The Metropolitan Museum of Art.

The Art Discussed
* John Vanderlyn’s Panoramic View of the Gardens of Versailles.

* Falling Asleep with a Book on Your Chest and Brass Practice by Lullatone.
* Moonbow by aAirial.
* Pauvre Simon, L’approach Du Nuage, and The Tunnel from Sylvain Chauvau’s album Nuage.
* So Long to Scream from Joshua Moshier’s score to Good Enough.

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4 Comments on Full Circle (The Met Residency Episode 3)

  1. Chuck M says:

    Beautiful. Thank you. Reminded me of Salieri and Mozart. Also made me think about the recent election. The American spirit does not change …

  2. Steve says:

    “…This is the second episode of that residency.”

    (Psst… it’s the THIRD.)

  3. Arturo Varela says:

    There was a sort of similar situation with the great actor Robert Mitchum. Every time the academy nominated him someone else came from a more popular production and won the Oscar. When people wasn’t finish mourning his dead in 1997, the exact next day, Jimmy Stewart, an Academy Award for best Actor died taking all the media attention from Mitchum

  4. Paddy Alava says:

    Lovely. Lovely. This gave me goosebumps. Thank you.