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Episode M2:
The Met Residency Episode 2: One Bottle, Any Bottle

Oct 06, 2016

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Music, Footnotes & Ephemera

Nate DiMeo is the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s Artist in Residence for 2016/2017. He is producing ten pieces inspired by the collection and by the museum itself. This is the second episode of that residency.

This residency is made possible by the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s Chester Dale Fund.

This episode is written and produced and stuff by Nate DiMeo with engineering assistance from Kathy Tu. Its Executive Producer is Limor Tomer, General Manager Live Arts, The Metropolitan Museum of Art.

* Madame X (Madame Pierre Gautreau), John Singer Sargent, 1883-1884
* Tomb Effigy of Elizabeth Boott Duveneck, Frank Duveneck, 1891
* One bottle, any bottle.

* We hear “Pools of Grey,” by Jeff Eden Fair and Starr Parodi.
* Then “>”Ruth & Sylvie,” by Daniel Hart.
* And “>”Lost in Space,” by Max Richter.
* “>Wien, by Labradford plays beneath the credits.

Special thanks to Gabe Hilfer at Full Pursuit Media.
and to Thayer Tolles, Alice Cooney Frelinghuysen, and Ariana Baurley at the Met for their help episode.

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3 Comments on The Met Residency Episode 2: One Bottle, Any Bottle

  1. David says:

    What an amazing accomplishment! Congratulations.

  2. suraygo says:

    Hello Nate, Would you please include the Met gallery number in the footnotes for each of your Met Residency podcasts? I’d like to know where to go to hear you and see the artwork you talk about at the Met. Thanks.

  3. admin says:

    Great idea. Will do.