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Episode 95:

Sep 16, 2016

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Music, Footnotes & Ephemera

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* Like anyone else, I became fascinated by Washington Phillip’s story through the music. So, go buy the music. Or the music and a book here.
* I backed into the research on this one when I should’ve just started at the source: Michael Corcoran’s amazing excavation of Phillips’ real story, as originally printed in Texas Monthly. There’s a lot of stuff that links out from his site.

* Lots of Washington Phillips.
* Starts with As Old Roads, by Goldmund.
* Don’t Worry, by (Memory Palace favorite) Zoe Keating.
* 1979 by Deru.

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8 Comments on Haunting

  1. Shelley Smith says:

    Wow! I’m going to buy the CD today. A beautiful episode, as usual, about an even more beautiful person. Thanks.

  2. Anthony George Cooke says:

    Another good episode but….the music links on this page go to Apple music. I (and probably others) have to sign-up to listen to them. You don’t have to have a subscription to listen to Spotify. I recommend using Spotify or another no cost option for those of us who want to explore the music talked about in episodes…unless Apple is a sponsor of the show. If so, great! No worries. Thanks!

  3. John Stovin says:

    Greetings from the UK.

    Just bought the CD today, and the liner notes have a long discussion about how the previous edition was completely wrong about Phillips playing a Doceola! And a lot more discussion about what instrument he really did play.

    Fascinating, and brilliant music too.

  4. Tracy says:

    Another great episode. Just an FYI – Yazoo records shut down their mail order and directed me to Amazon. Thanks for encouraging us to support a small business though!

  5. Wendy Williams says:

    Thank you. I am enthralled by this man’s music. Amazing.

  6. admin says:

    thanks for the heads up. I’d also recommend this upcoming release from the also-great folks at Dust to Digital.

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  8. Lisa Merrill says:

    I love this work– and have shared it with students and friends.