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Episode 93:
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Jul 30, 2016

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Music, Footnotes & Ephemera

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* Much of what I read about Florence was pulled from old newspaper articles.
* The biography in Notable American Women: Volume 5 does a nice, thorough job with Florence story.
* I first stumbled on Florence Chadwick in a photo in a restaurant in Santa Barbara and was struck by, as the photo suggested, she went on a world tour, swimming local channels.

* First up is Solitude, from (delightfully named) Janis Crunch.
* Then we’ve got Like a Bell to a Southerly Wind, by Chequerboard.
* Modular Body #7 by Machinefabriek.
* After Catalunya by Ephemetry and Richard J. Birkin.
* Finishing up on The Old Favourite by The Gloaming.

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4 Comments on Local Channels

  1. Benjamin Wyant says:

    Nate this is my favorite story to date! You crushed it like always, and left me with Goosebumps. I can’t stop listening to this episode. Thank you for always crushing it brilliant story telling and flawless soundtracks. You keep reminding me why this is by far my favorite podcast.

  2. Leslie Golden says:

    Your extraordinary story telling technique and excellent production makes Memory Palace my favorite. This particular episode caught me by complete surprise. While listening and completely absorbed in the story I realized it was about my relative Florence Chadwick. My great grandmother was Sylvina Chadwick, Florence Chadwick’s aunt which makes Florence my cousin (2nd?). Anyway, I’d grown up hearing about Florence Chadwick and her record setting swim across the English Channel. I even have a few newspaper clippings but I had no idea of the rest of her story. I was so excited and amazed to be listening to her story exactly 66 years, to the day, of her epic swim on 8/8/50. Thank you so much for your interest, research and hard work putting this piece together- your story telling brought me to tears. I only wish I had other family members to share my excitement with. Thank you for your great work!

  3. This was a wonderful episode that finally moved me to post a review on the Apple podcasts site. The music was excellent, and the story itself fascinating and beautifully told. Listening to The Memory Palace is one of my secret joys. Many thanks.

  4. Kate says:

    I can see why this is Nate’s episode of the year. It is a story beautifully told.