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Episode 86:
Finishing Hold

Apr 08, 2016

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A Selected Bibliography
* Dr. Sam: An American Tragedy by Jack Harrison Pollack
* Summer of Shadows: a Murder a Pennant Race and the Twilight of the Best Location in the Nation, by Jonathan Knight, a very readable popular history book that pulls off a maybe-ill-advised trick of balancing the story of the Sheppard case with the Indians 1954 season surprisingly well.
* Endure and Conquer, Sam Sheppard and F. Lee Bailey’s version of things, written in 1966. Agenda aside, it’s a fascinating read. Especially his account of the prison years.
* Murder, Culture, and Injustice: Four Sensational Cases in American History, by Walter Hixson.
* “Dr. Sam Sheppard The Ex-Convict who Revolutionized Professional Wrestling,” from The Wrestler, May, 1970.
* The bulk of the details from the last section of story are pulled from contemporary newspaper articles from the Mansfield News-Journal, the Cleveland Plain-Dealer, the Dover Daily Reporter, The Escanaba Daily Press, the Detroit Free Press, the Nashville Tennessean, The Tyrone Daily Herald, and The Washington Post

* We hear a snippet of Runaway by Ólafur Arnalds up top.
* Then Debut by Christopher Ferreira.
* A bit of Saturday Evening from Tomasz Bednarczyk
* Ralph Van Raat plays John Adams’ China Gates.
* The recurring flute piece is Wasser-Wunder from Tibor Szemző and Group 180
* Deadmau5 plays Invidia.
* Lawrence English plays Watching it Unfold.
* The radio snippet is a bit of a cheat. It’s from the World Series from that year. Only broadcast I could find from ’54.

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6 Comments on Finishing Hold

  1. Claire says:

    I can’t believe you have an episode abou Cleveland but you’re not coming here on your Midwest tour!! Stop by next time, ok?

  2. Charles Bolding says:

    This is the only podcast that has no episode description … or, rather, the description space is used otherwise. Music list is a nice extra (that most other podcasts would do well to include). Tags (available only on your website) give a clue but are not available in podcast apps.I’m guessing the description omission may be on purpose, as that would compliment the usually intriguing / ambiguous episode openings. But the plain and practical fact is not everyone is interested in every featured subject. It can be very annoying to get well into an episode before discovering it’s of little or no interest.

  3. Eric says:

    I personally love that there aren’t spoilers for the stories. I think it’s beautiful that we don’t really know what we’re in for and therefore have to take in every detail, by putting ourselves into the story.

    I love that the title has a sort of duel meaning. What you think it means before you listen and what you think it means after.

  4. Mobjack says:

    I agree that I enjoy not knowing what I’m getting into with each story. Besides, they’re just a few minutes long, so you should listen all the way through to see whether it’s yo your liking or not. And if one enjoys history as much as I imagine most listeners do, then I can’t imagine what little slice of life historical outlook could NOT be appreciated at least to some degree.
    Nick, I think the ending credits sound great now. The long pause after the end of the story is just enough to collect one’s thoughts about what we’ve just heard. Then your voice giving credits brings it back to reality, but not in a jarring way. In some way, it actually serves to enhance the moment you are so great at creating, leaving the story to just sit with us for awhile.

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  6. Mick says:

    Dark intro, I like it though