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Episode 84:

Mar 09, 2016

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Music, Footnotes & Ephemera

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* I first came the story of Ross, North Dakota, while reading Muslims in America: A Short History, by Edward E. Curtis.
* The full WPA interview with Mary Juma (and another member of the Ross community) can be found in Curtis’ The Columbia Sourcebook of Muslims in the United States.
* A contemporary account of the Ross community can be found here.

*The first bit is a loop from the opening of a song called I. Permafrost by a long-defunct band called Jerseyturnpike made up of a husband/wife duo from San Francisco. Years ago, I went to their wedding in New Jersey. There was a bounce house. It was beautiful.
* The piece finishes up with the on-the-nose, This is Home, from Joel P. West’s soundtrack to the terrific film, Short Term 12.

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7 Comments on Homesteading

  1. Anne says:

    Beautifully done, Nate, as always. I want to play this one from the rooftops.

  2. This is just about one of the most lovely reviews of someone’s life story I have ever heard. You should do funerals!

  3. Ali says:

    Poignant, necessary and timely: thank you.

    The antidote to Trump and all the other clowns!

  4. AA says:

    Hey as a 19 year old guy I seem to never get emotional or stuff. But every single episode you put up makes me feel. Like I just experienced these people, their life, their struggle and most importantly their victory. And it just makes me swell up inside. Thank you for my weekly dose of human.

  5. Monica Bafetti says:

    So beautiful. I wanted more. I always want more. I just love how you bring these stories to life.

  6. Hana says:

    Amazing! You just don’t hear this kind of thing anywhere else, and it’s so necessary. Thank you so much for telling this side of the story and publicising the fact that Muslims aren’t as bad as the media wants us to think; it means a lot to me.

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