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The Research Assistant Job Has Been Filled


Thanks so much to everyone who applied for the Research Assistant position. I was overwhelmed by the variety and volume of applicants.


Published On Feb 12, 2016

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5 Comments on The Research Assistant Job Has Been Filled

  1. RJ Cresswell says:

    -MA in history
    -Teaches art and history and art history
    -Published writer of fiction, book reviews, band interviews and songs/records
    -Loves research and listening to The Memory Palace
    -Reasonably intelligent
    -Has at least 20 hours of spare time per month

    -Lives in Texas


  2. Jess Spears says:

    This is possibly the most heartbreaking announcement I could have read. As a very well-qualified applicant who could not imagine a position she would desire more than this, I am aggrieved anew to be struggling through another Ohio winter. Best of luck finding the person I will certainly be envious of soon, Nate. 🙂

  3. Steven Hunt says:

    Listening to your body of work in this endeavor, I am impressed, perplexed, and bemused.

    The most striking qualities of what you present are enigmatic. Your writing is superbe–and the ironies you conjure from the flow of history are painful, but poingient. You develope tones, reference points through which the listener is beceoned, indeed summoned and prompted– to admit that which is unassailable and authentic. The after effect is reflective and confessional.

    The amalgam effect is denfinately queer and creepy–yet is compelling inasmuch as the contours of our culture in the flow our common history as “Americans” become more amendable for our reflection.

    Your render stories through which we can reflect and mirror significance, and find essential meaning. And this is almost rare in our times, in this space. Your focus attends to the profound and essential matter of “justice”, from many interesting and compelling angles of ingress and egress. Pain and pleasure, balance, we all live these weighted as we are due, to learn and grow–in proper measure. Your compressed narratives remind us of what we all know–but, in our despair, our surrender to fear, we most often endeavor to forget.

    You have developed a foundation with your work that is distinct and sublime, and I believe with an inspired helper you will maintain your integrity and resound palpably into the future.

    Thank you for presenting your art for us.

  4. Charles Code says:

    I think one of the above commenters may have accidentally ingested a dictionary…

  5. Sharmaine says:

    I absolutely love your work. The stories told inspire me, and I just want to thank you for that.