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Episode (M.0):
Gallery 742

Dec 17, 2015

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Music, Footnotes & Ephemera

A special episode of the Memory Palace commissioned by the Metropolitan Museum of Art to coincide with the opening of Rockefeller-Worsham Dressing Room in Gallery 742 of The American Wing and with Artistic Furniture of the Gilded Age, an exhibition open now through May 1st, 2016.

This piece is ideally consumed on site, in Gallery 742 at The Metropolitan Museum of Art.

Written and Produced by Nate DiMeo of The Memory Palace.

Musical score by Jimmy LaValle of The Album Leaf.

Executive Producer, Limor Tomer, General Manager of Concerts & Lectures, The Metropolitan Museum of Art

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13 Comments on Gallery 742

  1. Ken Pimple says:

    Oh, Nate, how do you tease! There’s almost no chance I’ll get to New York, but I’ll wait to listen this later (waiting will be painful). Is there any chance that we could see some photos of the piece in the meantime? Enough to make your podcast make a bit more sense?

    At any rate, congratulations. I hope this is as big a thing as it seems to me it must be. Excelsior!

  2. Ada Evans says:

    Hi Ken
    I too was interested and found some images here:

  3. Christopher Perez says:

    My ears perked up the second you said “Collis Huntington.” I grew up in the WV town named after him and his statue stands in front of the C&O Railroad Station there! Another great spoken tapestry, Nate.

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  5. Aaron says:

    Any chance somebody could take some 360 degree photos of Gallery 742 so we can experience it in VR using Google Cardboard? That’d be amazing for all us fans in far away places!

  6. admin says:

    Love this idea.

  7. Sophia says:

    Can’t hear it. Loud music (bells or something) is playing over the person(s) speaking. Tried to hear it on other sites, no luck. Same problem. Something wrong with this file.

  8. Kevin Larkin says:

    Hi – I’m a new listener and heard this episode first. Utterly breathtaking in its content, pacing, production. So much quality packed into a few minutes … Keep up the great work, Kevin

  9. mstearne says:

    This is such a great episode and I’m going to go to the room because of it.

    The music really makes the scene complete.

  10. Jim Stewart says:

    We would like to be in the museum to hear Nate’s “Memory Palace” but we were fortunate that the museum has a link to this room. Enlarge the screen and listen to this incredible story that Nate tells so well.

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  13. Sonia Melamed says:

    This blew me away earlier this year when I heard it.