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Episode 58:

Dec 17, 2013

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Music, Footnotes & Ephemera

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7 Comments on Shadowboxing

  1. Rodrigo says:

    Greetings from Brazil! Hi, my name is Rodrigo and I am your new loyal listener! 🙂 Congratulations and thank you for such a great content!

  2. Andy Curtis says:

    My friend asked what Apps she should for her new and 1st iPhone, so I said Podcasts. As soon as that was done I subscribed her to a The Memory Palace.

    She has been a history teacher for 12 years and has been powerfully shaped by the example of Howard Zinn, particularly his belief in the power of the primary source document.

    It was through her and a friend that I found Zinn, it it was listening to Audiobooks by Zinn that got me ready for your wonderful podcast.

    I figured the least I could do is return the favor, complete the circle so to speak.

    Thank you for the good work you do,
    Andy Curtis

  3. Andy Curtis says:

    I know that sometimes you package episodes together. Shadowboxing seems like the Omega with your history of Stanley Clifford Weyman (episode 30) operating as Alpha. These are neither model nor shameful lives. They are lives that were lived. Each had a cost, maybe even a terrible cost but I doubt either man would have seen it that way. I gave Wayman the Alpha because he was the sunrise, everyday another opportunity. And if you listened to Shaddowboxing you probably understand why it is the Omego, the darkness of night the inevitable setting of a once bright sun.
    -Andy Curtis

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  5. Great segment, Nate! In researching Sullivan’s life for my new biography “Strong Boy: The Life and Times of John L. Sullivan,” I came away feeling that Sullivan’s true low point was his stint as a professional greeter in St. Louis where he holed up in a dank saloon and swatted at the pestering barflies, so I was happy to see you use it as a time peg for the segment. Great description that Sullivan “was not a man you knocked out. He was a man who got up.” Ultimately, he did in his redemptive final years when he quit drinking and settled down with his second wife and an orphan they took into their house.

  6. Ivar William says:

    This one had me crying at work, at the office. This was very beautiful, I don’t know what more to say. Sometimes a few lines, a couple of words, really can change a life.

  7. Eric says:

    This episode was a masterpiece, I’m close to tears.