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Episode 48:
Picture a Box

Nov 20, 2012

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Music, Footnotes & Ephemera

The music in this one:

We Write Threnodies, We Write with Explosions” by Storm and Stress (which is a great, great song).

Then a couple of different John Fahey pieces: “Improv in E Minor” and “Unknown Tango

Then “JD002“, a pice of Ryuichi Sakamoto’s soundtrack to the Derrida doc. (There’s also a tiny tone from swiped from somewhere else on that soundtrack that get’s used over and over again throughout this episode, but I lost track of from where it was swiped).
A piece called “Time Hole” on the score to The Master that moves into a piece from the Lincoln score.

Then there’s a thing from “Sakamoto’s Babel score.”

Song at the end is “Prizewinning” by Julianna Barwick. That record is rad.

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11 Comments on Picture a Box

  1. Larry says:

    It’s an interesting and hard story. I like this because it shows how decisions and desires change with circumstances and time.

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  3. Lisa Ujifusa says:

    I was completely riveted by this story. I wish there was a way we could easily share it on Facebook with the graphic, a 1-2 sentence summary and an embedded video link.

  4. Gloria Choi says:

    I love the chiasmus (don’t mean to sound like a pedant!) you’ve created in this story.

    It’s beautifully told, beautifully written, and eagerly heard.

  5. admin says:

    Thanks. It’s one of my favorites. (Though I did have to look up chiasmus)

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  7. Michael Hili says:

    Your writing is remarkable.

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  10. Mindy miles says:

    This is the first episode I listened to of yours. Your ability to tell a story is breathtaking.

  11. Hi Mr DiMeo
    I absolutely love your work.

    Last week I was so thrilled to hear your voice on Karina Longworth’s podcast last from a years back. Your storytelling style voice are just terrific. I really hope you get a chance to do a live show in the Philadelphia area sometime soon.

    I am a history and literacy teacher in alternative education. I have for many years been using audio clips from oral histories and radio documentaries in class and would like to use some of your work.

    I wonder if you have ever released transcripts of your shows (Weak readers often benefit from listening and reading along.)

    Although I thoroughly appreciate the problems it might cause, I would be happy to pay for the priviledge.

    and Thanks for your good work;