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Episode 47:
The Rise and Fall of Rising and Falling

Oct 15, 2012

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17 Comments on The Rise and Fall of Rising and Falling

  1. Michael Fedor says:

    That was the best ending to a podcast ever!!!! I loved it!

  2. Ayo says:

    Yes, this episode is definitely one of my all time favourites. And I agree, the ending was fantastic!

  3. I grew up in Wellesley Hills—went swimming in my early winters at the Babson College pool. Thanks so much for this story, Nate. Wherever he was geographically doing his theorizing and anti-gravity investment thing, I imagine him up the street, at the height of a hill the town named for someone who may have zagged, but, well, the tide zigged right over him.

    Also, if you know a thing about the town of Wellesley, your moral is the saddest, most appropriate takeaway. I’ve been loving all the MP shows I’ve heard, but this one’s special. Thanks again.

  4. Jackie says:

    I love the use of Eternal Sunshine/500 Days of Summer soundtrack music then cuts off to “the moral of the story is…”

  5. Logan M. says:

    Oh man you painted this man so well. Really great listen.

  6. I completely agree with Michael Fedor. Best ending ever.

  7. Luke Frishkoff says:

    This was a great episode. The ending was perfect. It made me incredibly happy.

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  9. Roger_Camden says:

    The harp piece that plays is by Moondog!
    It sounded so familar. Couldn’t place it. Haunted me for over a week!

  10. melanie says:

    it was beautiful, you have a beautiful voice

  11. THOMAS BABSON says:

    As a Babson myself, and having met and talked with “cousin Roger” as we used to call him, you did him proud. He was all you said and more. He used to drive my father crazy with his schemes when all my father wanted him to do was give money to Gloucester’s Addison Gilbert Hospital.
    But old cousin Roger had his own ideas, some worthwhile and some nuts. But you’re right, in the end, money talks!

  12. admin says:

    This might be my favorite comment i’ve ever gotten. Thanks for writing in.


  13. Alison says:

    I love it when (implied) profanity is used delicately. Nate, your gentle infusion of humour is why I am absolutely addicted to the Memory Palace and completely turned off by Caustic Soda: The Podcast (also inspired by the world of the weird but far too fond of hearing themselves talk).

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  15. CJ says:

    Wow! This episode was so interesting…and the ending was great (and appropriate)!!

  16. craig wiggins says:

    That ending, tho…
    I laughed and laughed. Thank you 🙂

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