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Episode 46:
After Party

Sep 14, 2012

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Music, Footnotes & Ephemera

Music in this one is:

Happy Land,” off of Nick Cave and Warren Ellis’ score for The Proposition. (Which is a great western).

Becalmed,” off of Brian Eno’s Another Green World. (Which is a great, great record).

Charu’s Theme.” Which is from a Satayajit Ray movie and, I just realized, from The Darjeeling Limited score (which might be my favorite Wes Anderson movie. Deal with it).

Arthur R. Kelley’s “Five Moods for Two Bassoons” as played by Dong-Yun Kwon & someone else (but I don’t need to tell you that, bassoon fan).

Malice Aforethought” off of Calexico’s soundtrack to a movie called The Guard, which I haven’t seen but I like to imagine is an indie-rock Paul Blart Mall Cop.

and finally: “Wolkenschatten, op. 136: I Tranquillo” by 2-Chainz muse, Gebreuder Ohrentaub from the album, Four Brothers (which also features a four tuba-version of Ebony and Ivory, the Ebony is represented by the brass keys of a tuba, the ivory is also represented by the brass keys on a tuba).

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13 Comments on After Party

  1. ward says:

    this one was really fantastic! well done, sir, and it’s good to have you back!

  2. dAN says:

    made me WOL (Weep Out Loud)

    ok not literally but this was especially moving, thank you!

  3. Lomie says:

    Wow. Thank You for your work.

  4. Max says:

    Great Episode here. Very strong.

  5. Michael says:

    Please provide details about the music used in this episode.

  6. CHRISTIAN says:

    Wondering what the music was at the very end of the episode? Thanks, love the podcast!!!

  7. admin says:

    You can find the music listed right on the episode page.

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  9. Carl Myers says:

    Your work is excellent. I listen to many BBC podcasts and your work is certainly equal and probably better than almost all of their content. Found your podcast via the UK Telegraph and am so glad I did.
    Loved how you ended this story with Brian Eno’s beautiful music (another great discovery I can credit you for) and how the aged girl and the old man reconciled after their lives were ruined by events beyond their control. I have downloaded and will keep this fine gem.
    Sincere thanks Carl

  10. Heather Stewart says:

    I was crying at the end of this. So so good! Thank you! This is my favorite! Can’t wait until Sunday!

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  12. "Rosebud" Fields says:

    I love this story and the way that you have told it. I listen to your channel on Stitcher in my car on my way to and from work, and in my free time at work. You sweep me away with you elaborate word paintings. It brightens my day and cuts through the monotony.

  13. Luc says:

    Wow, such awesome story telling, love all of these, catching up now!