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Hi there. The Memory Palace has been on a bit of a hiatus. It’ll be over soon. For real.


Published On Jun 01, 2011

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3 Comments on Hiatus

  1. Jeff Waters says:

    Nate, I so miss your stories. Please hurry back soon as you can.

    Don’t know if this is intentional on your part, but you tend to hypnotize me by the end of each episode. I’ll be deeply thinking about what you’ve said and even watching some of the colorful details go off in different directions with a life of their own…. Then I’ll realize, “hey… he did it again… I’ve been sitting here in silence for 30 seconds!”

  2. rachel says:

    I am sooo glad to here you will be back soon. Your podcast is awesome.

  3. Davis says:

    GODDDDdd what will it take to get you back?! Money?! Take it I’ve got TONS of money – actually I don’t – but I enjoyed your podcast to no end. See you soon!