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An article

I wrote an article for the public radio site, It’s a way-inside, inside look at the podcast. How it works (and doesn’t). Why things take a long time. It gets pretty deep into the public radio weeds, at times, but, if you want to go behind the curtain, it’s as good a place (until we get the permits and insurance worked out for the guided monorail tour of the Palace interiors, anyway) as you’ll find.

Published On Apr 07, 2011

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2 Comments on An article

  1. PlebisPower says:

    GREAT article, Nate. It nicely captures the contingency that seems so much a part of independent content creation today.
    Not to mention the uncertainty and the promise. From the confines of your closet to the potentially global audience available via the Internet and BBC? Amazing all around: that those channels exist and that folks keep grinding it out to uncertain acclaim.But good for all of us that you do.

  2. James says:

    Solid article at Transom. Good work.