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cleaning out the drawers

My favorite moment in the (underrated) James Bond movie On Her Majesty’s Secret Service (the one with the so-much-worse-than-Sean-Connery-it’s-bananas-but-better-in-hindsight-than-Moonraker-era-Roger-Moore, George Lazenby) is the scene after Bond has lost his Double O status and has to clear out his desk.* As he’s cleaning, he comes across all of these gadgets and souvenirs–some we remember from earlier adventures, others speak to these undocumented adventures beyond what we’ve been allowed to see. It is oddly moving.

Anyway, cleaning out some drawers here at The Memory Palace, I came across a CD of a radio documentary I did a few years ago about the history of music programming on the radio that I hadn’t thought about in awhile. It is no exploding pen, but some of you might like it. Link is here.

*Yes. This is my favorite moment in the movie. Even considering the ski chase.

Published On Nov 07, 2010

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3 Comments on cleaning out the drawers

  1. Colin says:

    Lazenby wasn’t as bad as Moore, agreed. However, that scene was weird because Lazenby was clearing out Connery’s memories…it was almost perverse. “Lazenby, get your hands of Connery’s stuff!!!”

  2. timbabwe says:

    Story idea: you like presidential stories.
    Let me run this by you.
    WG Harding, The President’s Daughter, Nan Britton, “My Search for Warren Harding”.
    The perfectly named “Gaston B. Meems”, Harding’s fixer, G. Gordon Liddy in a derby hat, who told all but was politely ignored by historians. Harding’s death: genuine illness, suicide, murder or the verdict of a court of honor.
    Seems like the fat presidents get most of the sex scandals: WGH, Grover Cleveland, Clinton. I don’t know about Taft.

    PS: We got a lecture ahead in US History, so the professor spent the hour regaling us with the salacious details. He said you need Suetonius as well as Tacitus.

  3. admin says:

    Harding is on the master list. Thanks!