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Episode 4:
Itty Bitty Bombs

Jan 22, 2009

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Music, Footnotes & Ephemera

The first part is the Kronos Quartet rocking Henryk Gorecki’s String Quartet no. 2. Opus 64 “Quasi una Fantasia.”

Second song is “Berlin by Overnight” by Max Richter.

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6 Comments on Itty Bitty Bombs

  1. arianne says:

    Wait! it ends short! I don’t know what happened! Is that just my computer ’cause it’s raining? Agh! What happened to the bat plan?

  2. Jen says:

    History has never been so much fun (except in hunky Mr. Miller’s class, but I digress). Ridiculously good writing and truly creative topics make me want a daily dose of The Memory Palace. Many more, please?

    And thanks to Radio Public for the heads up.

  3. Paddy says:

    Excellent stuff! I will spread the word far and wide. Maybe you’ve already seen it, but I highly recommend the book “Banvard’s Folly: Tales of Renowned Obscurity, Famous Anonymity, and Rotten Luck” for great and obscure historical anecdotes.

  4. Could you recommend any specific resources, books, or other blogs on this topic?

  5. LOVE your site. I’ve written some pieces on the work done at Dugway Proving Ground in Utah (site of some of the Bat Bomb tests) which you may find of interest:

  6. Jae Cho says:

    Wow, this story is really similar to Japanese version of the plan I heard from Radiolab: