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Shipwreck Kelly 293

Episode 147:
Shipwreck Kelly

Published On Sep 05, 2019


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Hi there. If you’re new here and new to the Memory Palace, please feel free to poke around in the archives.

New episodes come out every couple of weeks and appear here on the home page.

There are links that’ll take you to a playlist of recommended, point-of-entry episodes called “Where do I start?” Now, you can start wherever you’d like. The episodes aren’t in order. None of them are serialized. And, to be perfectly honest, if you start from episode 1, you’ll have to suffer through some spotty audio quality and some (hopefully brief) creative growing pains. So, feel free to start with that playlist. It’s ten episodes that I think do a pretty good job giving you as sense of the types of stories you’re going to hear from the Memory Palace.

There’s a link to the episodes I did for the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York when I was its artist in residence a couple of years back. They’re meant to be listened to at the museum (there are little plaques there and everything!), but I people tend to enjoy them anywhere, I hear.

Now, if you find that you enjoy the show, please do me and the show the massive favor of spreading the word. Tell a friend about it. Post on social media. Skywriting over major cities and beaches is also encouraged. And, that thing people say about rating and reviewing on iTunes? Do that thing. It helps a literally absurd amount.

If you’d like to come to a live show, there’s a link to upcoming events.

Anyway, thanks for coming. Glad to have you here. Hope you enjoy the podcast.


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The Research Assistant Job Has Been Filled


Thanks so much to everyone who applied for the Research Assistant position. I was overwhelmed by the variety and volume of applicants.


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